How can I integrate API provided in MSG91 panel?

To integrate our APIs in your system: 

1. Under "Flows and APIs", click "SMS API" in the sidebar of MSG91 dashboard. Or simply click on "API" option in the sidebar.

2. Find APIs for SEND SMS in API doc. Click on it to find sample codes:

3. You can fill in the parameters to get the final API, press 'Try' to send the SMS.

4. Click on Sample codes to get the API codes in various languages. 

To get the flow_id, click here. Variable values keep on changing, enter the value of variables only if you have added them into the Flows created.  For example, variables can be the customer name, company name etc.


1. The mobile variable will always be dynamic and you have to insert it into the API, which is the mobile number of the user to whom you want to send SMS. 

2. The message variable can be static or dynamic as per your implementation.

3. The authentication key, sender id, and the route will always be static. 

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