How can I check my balance?

You can check the balance either from the API or from the Panel. Please note that the balance check API will only work if your IP security is enabled. 
Here is the API from the same:
  • type=1 for Promotional route's balance
  • type=4 for Transactional route's balance


  • Login to the panel.
  • On your Dashboard you will be able to see your balance.

  • In the Segmento<Send SMS section, look at the top bar and you'll be able to see the current number of SMS credits available in your account.

  • Transaction Logs
  1. Also, you can see all the previous Transactions in Transaction Log.
  • You can click on the bottom left corner of the panel at your initials
  • In the drop-down you will see the option to see your Transaction Log.

  • Balance for SendOTP
  • You can check the balance of your sendOTP directly on the MSG91 panel.

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