How can I purchase SMS?


You can purchase SMS online going through the following process:

  1. First login into your account through
  2. Now click on Buy Credits button or click on the number of SMS in case you don't see Buy Credits.

 3. Click on Proceed button.

 4. Choose SMS Type (Transactional or promotional or voice SMS), fill up the required number of SMS. Click on Proceed To Checkout button

Price or billing or volume is based on your Credit Karma:

 5.  Fill up all details and click on Proceed button, for the billing purpose.

   6. Choose payment option, according to your choice. And click on Make Payment button.

 7. Now fill up your card or your bank account detail, as specified in image and click on MAKE PAYMENT

  8. It’ll direct you to your bank payment gateway and you’ll be able to make the payment.

For video tutorial refer the link:

MSG91 Bank Details

You can find the bank details of MSG91 here:

If payment is successful, your account will get the SMS credits instantly. You'll receive a mail with the details of your payment which will act as payment's confirmation.

If you have made payment offline you can send the receipt on