What are the rules for sender ID in different countries?

 Following are the rules and features related to  Sender ID in different countries:

Country Name Sender ID
Argentina Fixed short numeric
Australia Full dynamic
Austria Alfa dynamic
Belarus Fixed alfa
Belgium Fixed short numeric
Bosnia and Herzegovina Alfa dynamic
Brazil Fixed short numeric
Costa Rica Random long numeric
Croatia Fixed alfa (Pre registration)
Czech Republic Fixed alfa (Pre registration)
Estonia Full dynamic
France Full dynamic
Germany Full dynamic
Ghana Alfa dynamic

Full dynamic

India Alphabetic ( 6 characters )
Indonesia Random long numeric
Iran Random long numeric
Iraq Full dynamic
Israel Full dynamic
Italy Alfa dynamic
Kyrgyzstan Alfa dynamic
Latvia Full dynamic
Lebanon Alfa dynamic
Lithuania Full dynamic
Malawi Alfa dynamic
Malaysia Random long numeric
Netherlands Full dynamic
Nigeria Alfa dynamic (Long number senders converted to "Message")
Norway Full dynamic
People's Republic of China Random numeric
Peru Random long numeric
Portugal Full dynamic
Romania Full dynamic
Russia Alfa dynamic
Saudi Arabia Alfa dynamic (Long number senders converted to "Message")
Singapore Full dynamic
Slovakia Full dynamic
South Africa Random long numeric
Spain Full dynamic

Sri Lanka
Full dynamic

Alfa dynamic 
Switzerland Full dynamic
Turkey Full dynamic
Uganda Full dynamic
Ukraine Random long numeric
United Kingdom Full dynamic
United States Random long numeric

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