Transactional email being received in spam or promotional folder

 Please pass this parameter in your Email API call - "mail_type_id": "1 for Transactional, 2 for Notificational, 3 for Promotional - Default is 3",

If we get the parameter mail_type_id=1 in your email API call, we process it as a transactional email only accordingly to our set algorithm. Now, if that email is being received by some specific receivers in promotional/spam folder, it is not directly in our control. This depends on various factors like -

  1. If the receiver has marked the sender (email ID/domain) as spam/promo in past.
  2. If the sender email ID/domain is mainly being used for sending promotional emails.

    (As a suggestion, you should make different IDs to send different kind of emails, like - [email protected] for sales/marketing only, [email protected] for support related emails or [email protected] for OTPs. If you use the same email ID for all kind of emails, it may affect your reputation on MX servers and according to its reputation, this may deliver your emails from that particular ID in the relevant folder of the receiver).
  3. If that receiver is generally not opening your emails and keeping them unread most of the times - this also can affect the reputation of emails from your domain.
  4. It also depends on mail service provider of the receiver - gmail, yahoo etc. Because algorithms are different for different mail service providers.

In the same direction, there can be many more reasons for emails being delivered in a different folder. We hope you will find this information helpful. Please feel free to let us know on [email protected], if you need any further assistance on it.

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