What is segmento and how to send emails using it

Segmento is a contacts management system. Segmento helps in achieving the below actions: 

  • Run targeted campaigns 
  • Personalize marketing content 
  • Automatically segment distinct customer groups 
  • Subdivide and send relevant user content 
  • Filter out inactive customers 
  • Access only the needed data

There are multiple way of uploading the data in Segmento: 

1. Using ADD option: PFB, option to start adding the contact manually. 

Here we need to map the data on the basis of the custom attributes. Initially, we get multiple custom attribute options to select as a unique field. Later, the data will be bifurcated on the basis of the same field, PFB.

If user wish to add any custom attributes apart from the given list, then the same can be created from "custom Attributes" option.

The same attributes gets available at the time of adding the contacts, which can be used as a key field to bifurcate the contact in future. 

2. Import contact: An CSV excel file that contains the data of your contact can be uploaded using this option.

Filtering data using custom attributes: 

Once the contact are added under "All contacts" option user can later filter the data on the basis of the attributes set & can send the communications to specific set of audience. 

Sending emails communication from Segmento 

From the above steps once the data is filtered, click on communication & select the communication type as Emails. 

In Step2, select preferred template ID, preferred domain & from email name. 

To send email communications via segmento you would need an active email services with MSG91. The email templates must be in active status.

In step3, define the values like To, Cc, Bcc & variables available in the email template from the respective column of the collections uploaded & send.

NOTE: What all contacts came in hello, the entry for all can be visible under Segmento. Currently the segmento can only be used for bulk email services. 

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