What are the reasons behind a failed message?


There can be different reasons for the failure of an SMS such as exception time out, message inbox full or if the number is out of reach.

These are the basic reasons for the failure of an SMS:

EXP Abssubs - Subscriber is not available at that time 

EXP Memexcd - Inbox memory is full or exceeded

EXP Smstmout - SMS timeout after all retry

EXP Nwfail - Network failed

Resource Unavailable- Message was aborted by network peer because of a network protocol error. 

ABSENT SUBSCRIBER- Unidentified subscriber, No response from the handset

NUMBER TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE- Number out of coverage area/ Switched off

CALL BARRED- The recipient cannot receive incoming messages

SYSTEM FAILURE- Network or Protocol failure other than the listed. The task cannot be performed because of a problem in another entity. The type of entity or network resource may be indicated by a network resource.

HLR/ MSC Timeout- If HLR (Home Location Register) does not get the response from the MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) then there will be a timeout

INBOX CAPACITY EXCEEDED- Short message rejected by MS because of no memory capacity to store the messages

SBSCRIBR BSY FOR MT SMS- Congestion encountered at the visited MSC or the SGSN

TLESERVCE NOT PROVSND- Recipient MS has no SMS subscription.

Services temporarily blocked- Terminated due to mobile subscriber operator (services blocked by the network operator)

UNKNWN SBCRIBR- No allocated IMSI or directory number for the mobile subscriber in the HLR

ILEGAL SBSCRIBR- The PLMN has rejected the short message because the MS failed authentication

EXPIRED MAXIMUM RETRIES EXCEEDED- All the retries from different operators have been made

5303Header not associated with this template

5304Template ID not found on DLT

5307- SMS not Matched with DLT Template

SM DELIVERY FAILURE- It can be due to below-mentioned reasons,

  1. Unknown Service Center Address
  2. Service center congestion
  3. Invalid short message entity address

Failed - No specific reason found for non-delivery (after certain attempts by multiple operators)

Rejected by Provider - The SMS were rejected by the provider due to the promotional content through transactional route

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