Where can I find my authentication key?


1.     Login to MSG91 user panel.

2.     Click on One API from the user panel.

3.      Visit the "SMS API" option available in the sidebar of the MSG91 dashboard.

4. You can check the Authkey from here.  Click on the "Copy" to copy your Authkey.

5. Click on the three dots to check-in details.

6. AuthKey and its details can be seen:

7. Toggle the “Action” option to disable your authkey.

How to create an authentication key?

1. Click on Create new after following the first two steps mentioned above

2. The tab as shown below will get opened.

3. Name the Authkey as per your preference and select "where are you integrating". Please make sure there is no special character in this section. Remove the comma "," to avoid below mentioned error.

4. New authentic key has been created now.

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