How to export/download the Delivery Reports?

To export/download the Delivery Reports in MSG91, follow these simple steps:

1. log in to MSG91 user panel.

2.     Click on One API from the user panel.

3.      Visit the "SMS" option available inside the Analysis option in the sidebar of the MSG91 dashboard.

4.     Here you can see the Summary report of all your SMS transactions.

5.     To export/download the Delivery Reports, select the channel you need to download the data. There can be three types of channels: Promotional, Transactional and Send OTP.

6.     Select the campaign that you want to check from "All Campaign."

7.     Select the date range you want to download the report. You can also select custom range here:

8.     You can see the graph and the exact number of messages after selection.

9.     Click on the "Export" button.

10.  Tick all the required fields needed in the report.

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