How to check that SMS is Failed due to DLT ?

1. Click on the SMS Logs in the left menu of your MSG91 panel to check the status of your SMS delivery.

2. If your SMS gets Failed due to DLT related errors (like Entity Id Mismatch, Sender Mismatch with Entity, etc), you will see DLT Entity Id Failure message when you bring the cursor to the Failed SMS sign in SMS Delivery Logs.

3. How to find your Entity Id on DLT Platforms-

Kindly avoid the below mistakes:

1. Kindly ensure that you are adding DLT Registration/EntityId and NOT Header Id.

2. Kindly ensure that your Header (Sender Id) is approved on DLT platform and you are adding the corresponding DLT Entity Id on MSG91 panel.

3. Kindly copy paste the Id instead of typing to avoid missing 1 or 2 digits.

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