Map your DLT Entity (PE) Id with DLT approved Header (Sender Id)

From 19th November 2020, DLT Registration/Entity/PE Id is a mandatory SMS parameter and without this Id SMS is not getting delivered.

We have come up with an option to add Registration/Entity/PE Id on MSG91 panel itself and does not need your developer's intervention. 

So, we recommend you to add the DLT Registration/Entity/PE Id immediately, just a simple 2 min task :) 

Kindly login to your registered DLT platform and copy your Registration/Entity/PE Id (Not Header Id) -

Then, log in to the MSG91 panel and map each of your Header (Sender Id) with your unique DLT Registration/Entity/PE Id (Not Header Id), issued by the Telecom Operator upon DLT registration.

1. To Edit existing Header (Sender Id)]
Kindly login to MSG91 and go to settings section >> Sender Id >>  Action >> Add your DLT Registration/Entity/PE Id (Not Header Id) against each of your Header (Sender Id).

2. To Add a new Header (Sender Id)
Kindly login to MSG91 and go to settings section >> Add Sender Id >> Select Country >> Add Registration/Entity/PE Id ( In case you want to send SMS to India)  >> Add DLT approved Sender Id >> Click on Submit.

If you are unable to add the DLT Registration/Entity/PE Id on MSG91 panel, kindly fill this form and we will add the Id on your behalf-

1. If you have still not registered on DLT, kindly register now, else your SMS will not be delivered. Check this process doc-
2. If you are a Reseller, kindly share this Whitelabel Doc with your clients-

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