How to enable Push Notifications ?

To enable push notifications steps you need to follow :

   Add your FCM Credentials, click on the left side of the dashboard.

  1. Enter the Project/ App Name in the box.
  2. Enter your FCM Sender ID allotted by the Android Application
  3. Enter the FCM Server API key allotted by the  Android Application as well.

Save all the above FCM credentials with you for further requirements.

Now, click to One API for adding the flow.

1. Click on ONE API from the left side of the dashboard.

2. Go to the Add Flow

 click on Push notifications from the communication channel.

3. Select on the Push Auth key from the drop-down.

4. Enter the title of your choice.

5. Enter the message of your choice that supports variables.

6. Enter the sound URL.

7. Enter the application notification icon.

8. At last, Pass Device ID value while calling the API.

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