DLT Registration

Step 1: Signup on DLT Platform
If you have SMS traffic towards Indian Numbers, signup on a DLT Platform (Telecom Operators) with all required documents and details; help doc- HERE.

Step 2: Apply Header (Sender Id) on DLT Platform
Once Entity Registration is Approved by DLT Platform, kindly login to that platform, search for Header option and apply the Header (Sender Id).

Step 3: Map DLT Registration/Entity Id on MSG91 Panel

Once Header is approved on DLT platform, kindly add that Header on MSG91 panel and Map the DLT Registration/Entity Id. In absence of this Id, SMS will not be delivered; help doc- HERE

Step 4: Apply SMS Content Template on DLT Platform
Now, you have to get you SMS Content Template approved on DLT Platform and then use the respective Template Id received from DLT Platform while sending the SMS; help doc- HERE

Step 5: Changes in MSG91 Panel or API:

Once your SMS Templates are approved on DLT platform, you have to follow this help doc to make the necessary changes on MSG91 Panel or API- HERE

Signup steps to follow for different Telecom Operators (DLT Platforms)

DLT Helpdesk- [email protected]
DLT FAQs- https://help.msg91.com/article/349-dlt-faqs
DLT Template FAQs- https://help.msg91.com/article/372-dlt-content-template-faqs

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