DLT Registration

Entity Registration

Step 1: Signup
Signup on a DLT Platform (Telecom Operators) with all required documents and details; help doc- HERE.

Step 2: Apply Header (Sender Id)
Once Entity Registration is Approved by DLT Platform, kindly login to that platform, search for Header option and apply the Header (Sender Id).

Step 3: Test Header (Sender Id)

Once the Header is approved on any one of the DLT platforms, it will be automatically synced with the Common Operator Platform in around 24-36 hrs. Once synced, your SMS will start getting delivered from your approved Header. If after 36 hrs, your SMS is not getting delivered from the approved Header, kindly let us know.

Step 4: Add Telemarketer
Once you are Registered on DLT Platform (Telecom Operator), got Entity ID and applied the Header (Sender Id), then login to DLT Platform and add Walkover Web Solutions Private Limited (MSG91) with Telemarketer ID (1302157225275643280) as your TeleMarketer.

DLT Helpdesk- [email protected]

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