How to send message from agent side through RCS?

The agent have to select the required type of message from a dropdown list and then send the message.

To send RCS type of message, client's phone must be RCS enabled and the employee can see the client's phone status on the client details (right side of contact center panel.

Type of messages available to send to client are text message, media, suggested replies, dial, view location, share location, open, URL calendar event, rich card, carousel.
Text message is a normal message.
Media is a video, audio or picture file.
Suggested replies help in  automated services. In this the agent can decide what is to be answered by the client .
Dial is sharing a number to client.
View location is sending any location to the client, just by entering the name of the place.
Share location is send by agent to client, when client click on it the client location is shared to the agent.
Open URL allow us to send the URL in a conversation .
Calendar event allows to send a reminder, event to the client and client can directly add this to his calendar.

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