Make Your Message More Presentable

The feature aims to present the Brand Name and Logo along with the sent SMS.

This will bring an all-new experience for the receiver along with increased confidence in Sender.

With minimalistic effort, you can register your amazing company to be a part of this feature.

The process to follow:

SendSMS page → Add Sender ID (under Sender ID configuration head)  → select the country you wish to send SMS in → Make meaningful Sender ID  → Fill your amazing company name → Brand name (careful! this will be shown to the receiver)  → Add a member with the email of your website domain (for example: [email protected] here, Sharon is the member having your company domain mail ID

Voila! You are now registered.

Now, the Sender ID seems to be more meaningful, has better brand recognition and can avoid spamming and phishing against the brand name.

We are partnering with multiple platforms (like Xiaomi, Google Messenger, Microsoft SMS Organizer and many more) to show this Brand Name and Logo to the receiver of the SMS.

Happy Messaging!

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