What is Absent subscriber?

Absent subscriber: Absent subscriber due to the phone being switched off, due to phone out of coverage, due to roaming restriction/restricted area

Absent subscriber(HLR Access Denied: Postponed): Subscriber cannot be reached at the time of broadcast or unknown subscriber. The Home Location Register is a database. It provides routing information for MT (Mobile Terminated) calls and SMS (Short Message Service)Absent subscriber (No acknowledgment): Absent subscriber due to phone being switched off,due to phone out of coverage, due to roaming restriction/restricted area without acknowledgment.

Absent subscriber(Destination resource shortage): The message is rejected because there was no paging response , the IMSI record is marked detached, or the MS is subject to roaming restrictions.

Absent subscriber (SMS delivery postponed): User's mobile number not reachable or out of network coverage area.

Absent subscriber (Destination out of service): Mobile number barred at the carrier end

Absent subscriber SM: Out of coverage area (or) switched Off. The error might be due to poor network coverage area and the same flag was updated in the HLR.

Note: Important Abbreviations:

MT Mobile Terminating CUG Closed User Group
MS Mobile Subscriber HLR Home Location Register
SRI Send Routing Information VLR Vistor Location Register
FSM Forward Short Message PDU Protocol Data Unit
SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node

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