How to integrate MSG91 API in MARG software?

To integrate MSG91 API into Marg software follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Open your Marg software settings.

2. Open your Masters option then click on Marg setups.

3 Then open control room after that SMS setup.

4. There is a window open after selecting these options, into which you have to do some changes.

5. There is an option of string into which we have to put the string by using developer tool option into the user's account.

6. Paste the below API in the string:<<1>>&message=<<2>>&sender=ABCDEF&route=4&country=91

There are some other options through which you are required to do some changes that are

  (2)  Options

1 MSXML 2. XMLHTTP Win Http request

(a)   In this, you have to select -2       

(b)  Convert SMS in universal hex code, in this we fill -1

(c) SMS of bill on new modify and print it and you have to select Y for yes

(d)  Another option is for sending SMS to party balance and bill details it and you have to select Y.

After doing all the changes, press escape and Save the Settings.

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