Why to integrate MSG91 API using Socket?

There isn’t just one, but multiple reasons to integrate MSG91 API using Socket.

  • If you are a non-techie, Socket is your savior. You will never have to go to your Developer every time you want to change your SMS or Sender ID.
  • With Socket, configure SMS in any software like CRM, WooCommerce, Magento etc.
  • Socket saves a lot of API documentation reading, with it’s easy to plug already available APIs.
  • With Socket, you get the flexibility to customize since you can pass multiple parameters.

Learn more about  how to integrate MSG91 API using Socket-

Refer this for integration steps -  https://learn.viasocket.com/integrate-msg91-with-viasocket-7d207d6beb8a

Easily integrate MSG91 API with Socket - English -  https://youtu.be/bvt8GxdM-wM

Easily integrate MSG91 API with Socket - Hindi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvdvTgz3j9A

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If you integrate MSG91 via socket, first time purchase will yield you free 5000 SMS credit in Transactional or OTP route depending on the policy.

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