What best practices need to be performed for bulk SMS service?

Here are the best practices that need to be followed for bulk SMS messaging;-

  • ID should be such that it either defines your company name (eg Flipkart) or your content (eg VERIFY for OTP).
  • ID cannot be a person name or related to government authorities/firms, banks, stock market etc. For eg (SBIONL,  IRCTC , LICIND). If you still wish to use one, you or your client need to provide us with a letterhead signed by the organization stating that you are allowed to use their Sender IDs.
  • For stock market messages, your user must be registered with SEBI and should be able to provide a SEBI certificate.
  • Any kind of promotion, marketing, sales, offers, invitations can only be sent through transactional route or to DND numbers only if the recipients are your registered users.
  • The message should share proper information and not contain any spam content or keywords belonging to the category. For eg. greetings, personal messages, etc.

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