Where can I find my authentication key?

Authentication Key

Once you log in to your MSG91 support account, a dashboard will appear. Click on the four squared icon on the top left corner of the panel, it will lead where all the communication API are stored.

On your Dashboard, click on the developer platform where all the communications APIs are available.


In this page, under configure, there is an option of Create New, put the desired details to generate the auth key. 

The auth key will get created as below, you can also generate multiple auth keys for your account and name them, this can be useful if you are using the same account for 2 or more applications/websites and you can disable/enable any of the auth keys if required. 
If your auth key is already created, Click on SMS API you will find your already generated Auth key you can simply copy from there and paste into the API documentation.

Note- We suggest to enable the additional IP security after creating the auth key for security reasons. 

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