What is SendOTP? How does it differ from MSG91?

SendOTP != MSG91 API

SendOTP is a ‘one-time password’ (generating, delivering and verifying) mechanism. Copy pasting a couple of codes allow you to integrate the 2-factor authentication facility. Once this is done, then we generate, deliver and verify one-time password of your clients.

SendOTP is a flagship product of MSG91.

SendOTP offers you high-quality premium services that let you save on:

  • Infrastructure 
  • Maintaining multiple/backup service providers 
  • Development time & resources 
  • Security
  • Analysis 

SendOTP proffers:

  • Instant services - OTP services are a high priority matter and are delivered within seconds
  • 100% delivery - the OTP is delivered even if it means sending a voice SMS 
  • Support - SendOTP support team is always available for solving queries

MSG91 is a leading bulk messaging service provider that lets the communication flow without any interruption. Sending text messages to lakhs of contacts in one go is what MSG91 specialises in, with several add-ons for convenient communication. 

P.S. SendOTP uses the integrated services of MSG91  

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