What is SendOTP?

SendOTP is a ‘One-Time Password’ (generating, delivering and verifying) mechanism. Copy pasting a couple of codes allow you to integrate the 2-factor authentication facility. Once this is done, then we generate, deliver and verify one-time password of your clients.

SendOTP is a flagship product of MSG91.

SendOTP offers you high-quality premium services that let you save on:

  • Infrastructure 
  • Maintaining multiple/backup service providers 
  • Development time & resources 
  • Security
  • Analysis 

SendOTP provides

  • Instant services - OTP services are a high priority matter and are delivered within seconds
  • 100% delivery - the OTP is delivered even if it means sending a backup voice SMS 
  • Support - SendOTP support team is always available for solving queries

P.S. SendOTP uses the integrated services of MSG91  

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