How to send notification and OTP SMS from WordPress and woocommerce?

Integrating these plugins with MSG91, keep your customers updated by sending SMS notifications.

To create an account on MSG91,  SIGNUP so that you could start exploring our services. Visit the links for available WordPress plugins on which you can integrate our APIs:

1. Notification SMS plugin for WooCommerce: This plugin is free. 

2. WordPress/WooCommerce OTP SMS plugin: 

Free OTP plugin:

Plugin Link:

Orion is a free plugin and does not support DLT change OR provide any option to pass DLT_TE_ID parameter. So, Orion users will need to use DLT Template AI to pass this DLT parameter. You can get it in One API>DLT Template ID.

or use the following paid plugins:

Plugin Demo:

To integrate WordPress (SMS notifications) using Socket,

 If you integrate MSG91 with a paid plugin, first time purchase will yield you free 5000 SMS credit in Transactional or OTP route depending on the policy.

For further assistance, you can contact us at [email protected]

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