What is blocked numbers? How to block/unblock any number?

Blocked Numbers

Blacklisted or blocked numbers are those which are restricted from receiving any SMS sent by the user. There are two ways of blocking any number:

  1. Either add the numbers manually by clicking on the Blacklist number option appearing in the options menu.
  2. Or to stop receiving SMS from any specific sender ID, you can send STOP (space) Sender ID on our long code and we will add it to the list of blacklisted numbers. 

How To Unblock

To unblock a number you need to send an SMS from that number, fulfilling the following criterion: 

1. The SMS should be sent to 6262642222. 

2. The content of the SMS should be- START<SPACE>SENDERID 

3. Once this is done you will start receiving SMS from the Sender ID mentioned in the SMS.

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