Where to find the SendOTP APIs?


SendOTP API can be found in the Doc. You can find specifications for all fronted and middle ware rest APIs there.

  1. Basic: Login with your username and password to get the authentication key (authKey).
  2. Application Type: Enter the authentication key to get all application types.
  3. Application: For all application related APIs-
  • Create Application- Enter the authentication key and body. Sample- {name: applicationName, type: web, packageName: some.package.name, otpExpiry: 10, senderID:verify, otpLength:4, requestPerIp:100}
  • Get Application- Enter the authentication key.
  • Delete Application- Enter both the authentication key (authKey generated from basic login API) and application key.
  • Regenerate Key- Enter the authentication key and body parameters. Sample- {name: Application name, type: web}