How to create a New Application?

New Application

To create a new application you need to 

  1. Login to SendOTP with your MSG91 credentials
  2. Click on the Create New Application tab and fill in the details

  3. Write in your Application Name followed by selecting the Application Type (Android, iOS, Web) depending on which you have to fill in the Package/Domain Name.
  4. Fill in the number of seconds in which the password will expire in the OTP Expiry tab, the Sender ID you want to use and the OTP Length that can be from 4-8 number of characters - SS
  5. In the Request per IP tab you need to fill in the number of request of OTP you want to generate per minute from a particular IP

  6. Hit the Create Application Tab and it’s done.

NOTE- The Package/Domain Name can be alphanumeric or dot, dash, underscore and @ only.